Vijay Eswaran Seeks New Ways Of Helping Others With The QI Group

The role of direct sales companies has been shifting in recent years with the QI Group being a major reason for a conscious shift towards developing a new and exciting range of products that reflect the needs of people in the 21st century.

Vijay Eswaran is the Executive Chairman and co-founder of the QI Group, a company that is now looking to have an even greater affect on the lives of millions of people around the world with a shift towards healthy lifestyle developments. In his own work, Vijay Eswaran has become well known as a philanthropist who developed the Vijayarantnam Foundation that seeks ways of developing educational opportunities for young people throughout Malaysia and other areas of Asia.

As the QI Group steamrolls towards its 20th year the company has diversified from its original areas of interest to develop a range of organic products that reflect the healthy lifestyle choices the QI Group is hoping to encourage its customers to take. Read more: Dato Vijay Eswaran: From taxi driver to worth over $500 million dollars

Vijay Eswaran’s company has been at the heart of many of the choices made by local government leaders in developing the Quest International City in the Malaysian state of Perak, which will see the development of the QI University and teaching hospital where a proactive approach to medicine will be encouraged by those earning their medical qualifications in Malaysia.

The QI Group has always been seeking new ways of helping others live better lives and has looked to develop a range of partnerships that reflect the belief in philanthropy and living a positive life of the company and its founder.

Vijay Eswaran played a pivotal role in the development of a strategic link formed between the QI Group and the globally recognized soccer team, Manchester City; always known for the close ties that have been built between the people of Manchester and the team, Vijay Eswaran the community aspect of the club made it a perfect fit for reflecting the needs and ideas of his own QI Group.

Kim Dao Helps Peachmilky Move Tokyo Apartments In Her Latest Vlog

In one of Kim Dao’s latest vlogs she helps fellow YouTuber Sophie (aka Peachmilky) and her boyfriend Luke move apartments in Japan. This latest vlog is called “Moving apartments & Japan Supermarket Haul | ft. Peachmilky.”


The video starts off with Kim Dao taking us on a tour of the Tokyo metro line. Once she arrives at Sophie’s current apartment, Sophie gives Kim a little present. Kim Dao is shocked when she opens her gift to reveal “Sailor Moon” facemasks and cookies. The two spend the rest of the night eating pizza and watching anime.


The next day, the moving truck arrives to take all of Sophie and Luke’s possessions. Sophie and Kim Dao then take a train to meet Luke and the movers at the new apartment. Before they get there, Kim and Sophie decide to get a quick snack at a convenient restaurant. Kim Dao orders udon soup.Learn more :


Kim Dao didn’t film much of unpacking at Sophie’s new place because she said it would just be too stressful to film there. So, in the next section of this vlog it’s nighttime and Kim Dao is walking down the illumined streets of Ikebukuro. She says she needs to do a bit of shopping at local drug stores.Learn more :


Once she gets back home, Kim Dao shows us everything she purchased at the drug stores in Ikebukuro. Just a few of the items she got include enokitake mushrooms, eggs, coffee, and peach juice.


In closing, Kim Dao asks her viewers whether or not they enjoyed her new style of vlog. Kim says she tried to add more street scenes and background music in this video.Learn more :


Rick Smith Wants More Creative Solutions In Justice Technology

Rick Smith, the President and Chief Executive of Securus Technologies, Inc., wants more creative solutions in criminal and civil justice technology. Securus Technologies is a Dallas-based prison and justice technology firm with the biggest presence in U.S. prisons and enforcement system. Under the leadership of Rick, the firm works with more than 3,400 law enforcement, correction, and public safety agencies and departments in the country, and it serves more than 1.2 million inmates in North America. Rick is working on more customized and innovative solutions that can address the needs of various stakeholders in the judicial system to make an overall improvement in the total enforcement and correction system of the country. Read more articles at HealingMagic.Net

Under the leadership of Rick, Securus provides a number of solutions including friends and family services, public safety solutions, corrections services, investigative solutions, and monitoring solutions. The friends and family services include voice call services, video services, Email services, money transfer and jail voicemail. Interestingly, all of these services are perfectly crafted for the needs of inmates, their family members, and friends’ at the most competitive rate in the market. The firm provides a one point access to and from inmates at a minute based billing for both voice calling and video calling services. The recent years have seen an unprecedented demand for the services, and on Christmas Day, there were more than a million calls connected to the inmates.

Rick Smith monitors and gives direction to Public Safety Solutions which include helping cities and enforcement agencies to collect, consolidate, store, and supply the information according to the real-time requirements of various organizations. The investigative solutions of the firm include collect, analyze, and point out the critical data required for investigations. Rick directs firm to use the latest technologies such as advanced data analytics, verification solutions, voice and biometric identification, etc., to efficiently and quickly analyze an enormous amount of data to find the required information. In correction solutions, the firm assists correction agencies to better coordinate between inmates and their family through superior information management, inmate self-service offerings, etc., to ensure modernization and efficiency of incarceration experience. The monitoring solutions offered by the firm provide RF-based and GPS enrollee tracking system and other reporting programs for supervision.

Rick has helped the firm to defend the patents successfully which had disputes with other services providers through aggressive and effective strategies. He started working with Securus Technologies from May 2014. Before joining Securus, he was working with Eschelon Telecom Inc, in various roles from Chief Financial Officer to President and Chief Operating Officer. Rick also worked with Global Crossing North America Inc, for more than two decades. Rick completed his Bachelor’s and Master’s in Engineering from the State University of New York. He also did his MBA from the University of Rochester. Visit Bloomberg to know more about Rick.

What Success Looks Like for Sam Tabar

When Sam Tabar was still in school, he knew that he was going to go far. He studied at Oxford which was an accomplishment on its own and something that not many people get the chance to be able to do unless they really deserve it. After graduating, which he did with honors, he was then able to move on to law school.

He studied law at Columbia and learned a lot of information about the different types of law. For Sam Tabar, it was important to make sure that he was doing things the right way and learning as much as possible while he was still studying.

He worked with several different businesses while still in school and this allowed him to make sure that he was going to be able to make the right type of contacts when he was out of school. It also showed him what the business world would be like.

Right out of law school, Sam Tabar started working as an attorney. He worked for a firm for a short period of time and then realized that he wanted to work in business law. He began working as a consultant and that led to many different business opportunities for Tabar. Read more: Ex-Merrill’s Tabar Joins Schulte Roth to Advise Hedge Funds

He wanted to help businesses and give them the information that they needed about the different things that they were doing. This was a great opportunity and something that he really enjoyed doing. He wanted to do more and to have a bigger impact, though, and decided to go out on his own with different opportunities.

After working on his own for a short period of time, Tabar knew what he needed to do. He went back to the firm that he worked with in the beginning and made huge strides there.

Perhaps one of the biggest accomplishments that he made was scoring a high paying client out of the Asian-Pacific region so that he could help them with the consulting skills that he has. It was something that really was a turning point in his career and made things so much better for him.

Beating chapstick to become the best in lip care

The lip care industry was dull and boring for very many decades. With companies like chapstick in place, the only thing one expected to find different about their tube of gloss was a new flavor or a slight adjustment in the cost. Then, one day, the celebrities introduced round orbs full of colorful and aromatic lip care products and everything was completely transformed. This is the simple process that was used by the creators and the marketers of Evolution of Smooth in redefining the needs of the lip care industry.

When the EOS lip balm team got to the stage of planning about the product, they realized that creating another generic product and knocking off a few bucks to try and see if it would compete with industry veterans was not going to work. They needed to do something different and phenomenal. There was nothing better than EOS lip balm’s round shapes, the flavors and the enticing sound that the containers make when they click shut.

Then, with the design in place, they needed to market the product. Hollywood stars came in handy. Taylor Swift was the brand ambassador in Asia. Britney Spears, Nina Dobrev and even Kim Kardashian had to be seen on Facebook spotting a flavor of the balm and everyone was sold.

But the process was not quite complete yet, because, the product was not available to every little girl out there. Walgreens is the first company that agreed to distribute the products and pretty soon Walmart had joined in and others such as Amazon, , started stocking the products. Though there have been a few hitches here and there on the road to success, the idea has been well implemented and the increase in the sales is evidence enough that the products are here to stay and that with time, they will get even better.

Visit for more product information.

Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a wonderful form of communication that enables inmates to speak with their loved ones from back home. Although visitation has been one of the most commonly utilized forms of communication between inmates and their friends and/or family members for nearly as long as jailing systems have existed, Securus Technologies has introduced a new form of communications between inmates and those who they may want to keep in touch with from back home.


Securus Technologies is not only a mere benefit for inmates and the ones they communicate with, but also law enforcement officials. Law enforcement officials are provided with a tool that enables them to investigate crimes through the communications that occur between inmates and those who they communicate with. It is a great communications platform that works well for all parties. If you are not quite sure about whether the jail that you are in offers the utilization of this great program, please do not hesitate to see the drop down menu to see whether your facility is on the particular list. It is truly a wonderful opportunity for anyone who like to keep in touch with their friends, family members, or significant others.


If you are concerned about whether Securus technologies is compatible with your computer or not, please navigate through the details that are available on the website. You will find that there are many resources that will assist you with the utilization of the platform. It has been designed and engineered to provide users with ease of use, as it is a communicative tool/platform that offers communications that is meant to be safe and effective in its purpose of allowing inmates to stay in touch with others.