Remarkable Contribution by Stream Energy in the Energy Market

Stream energy company located in Dallas came into existence in 2004 through its founders, Rob Snyder and Pierre Koshajki. It is an innovative company that trades in direct connection and provision of life services. The company expertise and specialization is in retail electricity and natural gas.


The changes in the Texas electricity market triggered the formation of the company. Upon completion of registration, Stream Energy commenced its full operation as a retail electric supplier in the year 2005. The company acquired a monopoly in the market expanding its services to Washington, D.C, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, New Jersey and Illinois.


Selling Strategy


Multi-level model is the current selling approach for the Stream Energy. The plan has proved successful in marketing while reaching to existing customers or during the enrollment of new clients. The system has factored motivation plan for the sales executives. It is designed to calculate commissions after attaining specific targets in the recruitment of energy clients.


Direct selling method by Stream Energy has positively contributed to the growth of the company. The strategy reception in the market has grown as revealed through revenue and increased demand. The provider has expanded services to various states, branding it the most significant global direct trading firm in the energy market. The strategy has earned Stream Energy above $8 billion income in 12 years.


Sales Earnings


In the year 2013, Stream Energy annual revenue was $686.90, which indicated an achievement made by 84.5% of the sales team members (HighTechChronicle). However, $569.78 of the average yearly earnings was an effort by 2.6% of the sales representatives. The annual financial report indicates the contribution of the marketing team in the company revenue growth.


Other Services Available at Stream Energy


Stream Energy offers other connected services that suit the current individual way of life. These options are connected and made available across networks. The protective services will enable to cover identity, health, travel and technology needs. Stream Energy also offers home services which will allow linking client home by using a digital voice. If a client requires an unlimited data connection, wireless services are availed through 4G LTE network.

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