Osteo Relief Institute is providing non-surgical pain relief

As much as arthritis has become so widespread, people have not understood it well. The term is usually used when people are referring to pain in the joints. Arthritis is very common as people age and is most adamant about women. With over one hundred subdivisions, it is one of the leading causes of disabilities. Understanding this condition will help in its management.


Osteoarthritis, which is associated with the wearing off or damage of the soft tissues that are found in between joints, is a popular type of arthritis. As the soft tissue wears off, joints rub against each other. This causes some very severe pain due to the friction that occurs. With time, this pain becomes unbearable.


Since there is no permanent cure, understanding the symptoms is important in order to maintain the condition. Managing your weight and exercising are some of the things one can do manage the osteoarthritis. Medical treatment is also an option for management.


Osteo Relief Institute is an institution based in New Jersey that deals with assisting people to deal with physical pain. It is made up of a team of experts who are focused on providing high-end services to their clients through their skills.

As an independent organization, Osteo Relief Institute has managed to get well-advanced equipment to offer long-term solutions to relieve their clients of their pain. The type of technology used by this organization has been approved by the FDA.


The organization focuses on providing solutions that are non-surgical. Osteo Relief Institute advises their clients to engage in healthy activities that reduce pain such as particular types of exercise and ways of life such as weight management. Osteo Relief Institute also gives injections to create lubrication in the joints so that they reduce the pain.


Osteo Relief Institute provides individual attention to each of their clients. This is what sets them apart from the industry (http://www.osteoreliefinstitutelouisville.com/). They have managed to assist several patients to deal with the pain associated with arthritis through the treatment they offer. The fact that they take each person’s needs independently, long-term solutions can be provided after an assessment.



Richard Shinto Success at InnovaCare Health

InnovaCare is one of the companies that provide Medicaid and Medicare physician practice services in the United States. The firm was established several years ago, and it has always been committed to offering quality healthcare to consumers by creating sustainable and affordable models that have incorporated the latest technology.

InnovaCare Health specializes in two Medicare Advantage plans. These include MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice. At the moment, the company serves approximately two hundred thousand clients in the country. The needs of the customers are given the top priority in the healthcare company, and this is why it has done very well in the competitive industry. InnovaCare Health’s mission is to redefine the healthcare management system in the country, and it is working hard to achieve it. The institution is headquartered in Puerto Rico. The leadership team is out of this world too. Read this article about Innovacare at Yahoo Finance

Rick Shinto is the leader of the prestigious healthcare company. Shinto is believed to have played a great role in the success of the institution. Under his leadership, InnovaCare Health has increased its clients, and it has managed to expand too. Rick holds the position of president and chief executive officer, and he works hard to ensure that the company achieves its objectives.

Before acquiring this post, Shinto was serving as the president and CEO of Aveta Inc. Shinto worked at Aveta for more than a decade. The successful scientist was also part of the management team in the institution, and this enabled him to acquire a lot of expertise. Shinto has served in the operational healthcare and clinical industry for more than two decades. During these years, Rick has accumulated a lot of knowledge and skills, and this is why he has brought numerous changes in the industry.

Richard Shinto was working as the chief medical officer at an institution known as NAMM California before moving to Aveta Inc. Shinto also served at Medical Pathways Management Company as the chief operating officer and chief medical officer. Shinto acquired his medical skills at Southern California. Shinto got his BS from the University of California. His medical degree was obtained from State University, based in New York City.

Not long ago, Shinto and the board of directors at InnovaCare Health appointed Penelope Kokkinides to the position of administrative officer. Penelope has a lot of expertise in the government plans, having worked in the industry for two decades. Her experience will take the company to greater heights. Follow Innovacare at LinkedIn