Tammy Mazzocco Embraces Being a Self-Employed Realtor

When Tammy Mazzocco got a job as a secretary for a nine-man commercial real estate team, she didn’t have the goal of becoming a realtor. She went on to work for a condominium company as the manager of several properties, and she would up getting her real estate license in 1995 because her boss needed her help as a licensed assistant.

After working at other agencies and companies in supportive roles, in 1999 Tammy decided to move into the selling arm of the real estate industry because of her view of income potential by doing so. She joined the Judy Gang Real Estate Agency, as Judy has been a mentor and a friend and a big inspiration.

In her Twitter post, Tammy said that she had a difficult time at the beginning of her sales career because she was a bit shy at first. She seemed to have difficulty asking potential clients about their finances, which is a need line of questioning if a realtor wants to spend time with the best-qualified prospects.

Someone from Trulia suggested that she initiate the conversation every time with questions, which required the other person to respond, and that broke the ice and suddenly a conversation was in progress. The other attribute that has worked well for Tammy is the focus she demands of herself on the issues of the client. People can become fixated on their problems sometimes to the extent that they become paralyzed and cannot make a decision.

Having the ability to treat people’s time, investments and issues like she would want for her situation have been a big factor in Mazzocco’s success. Tammy likes to place her concerns in the background when dealing with a prospective buyer and she states that they can sense that and it helps.

Tammy Mazzocco has come a long way in the real estate business, and she is looking forward to many more years in the profession she loves so much.