Closing the Gap on Reform End Citizens United Gains Donations and Supporters

The path of End Citizens United has created an opportunity for the voters to finally be heard with regards to the political system, and based on donations, the voters have replied with a resounding voice of change.


With growing concern over the Russian investigation within the Trump Administration, there is a clear underlying issue of trust. Since the public has become aware of the meeting between a “representative” who was believed to have direct contact with the Russian government and Donald Trump Jr., many people are now becoming increasingly weary with the information coming out of the White House. The information provides more questions than answers and paints a startling picture that has only gripped the nation with wanting to know more about the connections between the Trump campaign and the Russian government.


At the very least of the issues regarding the contacts by Russia, and a campaign for President of the United States, shows a great amount of vulnerability within the political process. Whether or not the meeting is determined as collusion with a foreign government, there is an erosion of trust and confidence with the Trump Administration.


End Citizens United is expected to raise $35 million throughout the entire action-plan for the political action committee’s agenda. The PAC has raised a total of $4 million so far with donations that have averaged $12 with each member, with some of those donations being received from first-time donors. The unprecedented level of skillful results by a grass roots organization puts End Citizens United in the category of the civil rights movement, when there was a continued and unexpected change that occurred even through opposition that was extremely challenging.


There has been an enormous out-cry by a significant amount of liberal voters who are preparing to fight back after the election of President Trump. In addition, most Americans believe that Mr. Trump’s choice of Judge Neil Gorsuch for the U.S, Supreme Court was not an ideal choice. Supporters of End Citizens United see President Trump’s agenda as just another reason for needing to rise against the power within Washington, D.C. in order to combat the takeover of the country’s democratic process. There is a growing consensus among End Citizens United supporters that fits with the PAC’s message, which is the political system has become rigged and it is continuing to fail Americans.


When the U.S. Supreme Court rendered its 2010 decision with Citizens United, it provided an opportunity for End Citizens United to raise the issue with the voters and ask the question if they believe union donations and corporate donations are influencing the political process. It’s clear the answer is yes.


Donations for End Citizens United continue to grow, while maintaining a sustainable level of unified supporters.

End Citizens United Is Hoping To Change Campaign Financing

End Citizens United is one of the most-progressive organizations in American politics, and it is working on changing the law for campaign finance. There are many different people who are hoping to run for office, but they cannot because they do not have the riches necessary. This article explains how I am helping End Citizens United, and it shows how the changes tot he system will help everyone. I want the country to be better for my grandchildren, and this is what I am doing to help.


#1: The Goal Of End Citizens United


The End Citizens United goal is to ensure that it will eliminate from government all the different special interests that are bringing in big money. Money is used to sway politicians, and it is used to ensure that only certain people will win elections. The person who wishes to make a difference must work with End Citizens United to ensure that their message is heard, and I am doing as much as I can in this area.


#2: Their Events And Fundraising


The events and fundraising that are done by End Citizens United have already raised $4 million, and I know that there is a goal of up to #35 million. I want to do what I can in my own community, and I want to help at these events to ensure people are giving. We cannot have a better country if we have not made changes to the way we hold elections, and that is why I go farther when supporting End Citizens United.


#3: The Social Media Articles


Anyone may read the articles that End Citizens United releases online, and there are a number of people who will learnt hings they did not know when they started reading. Someone who is reading on their social medial pages often will have a number of opportunities to change their minds about these issues, and they may come to support the cause once they have been educated.


#4: Educating All


End Citizens United is a place where people are educated every day through their social media pages, and it is a place where the midterm elections of 2018 may change. Someone who learns about campaign finance reform may force the issue in their community, and we plan to do the same here. We want to see changes to the way our government is run, and we will hold those running for office accountable.


I believe that there are a number of people who will benefit from what End Citizens United does, and that is why I am supporting them today. They will help us change the laws that will take big money out of government and our elections.