Stream is a privately held company that provides services such as protective, energy, home services, and wireless electricity for natural gas and retail. Through marketing with the multi-level strategy they get a lot of profit.

On 7th November the company held its fourth edition of its yearly Women of Power workshop retreat at its headquarters in Dallas, Texas. This event was facilitated by the Women of Power group. The main objective of this group is to mentor, inspire and motivate female associate s from Stream and build their businesses on a personal level. The event has a new theme for every year and this year’s was “ Shine”. The women’s group was co-founded by Renee Hornbaker who is in charge of the company’s finances. She expounded on the theme for this year’s event as she explained that the event focused on why it’s important to let their true nature shine with poise and to inspire other individuals. Get details on Stream Energy at

The event included workshops throughout the weekend. These workshops focused on the main theme of the event. Which was to build confidence and cultivate success skills among the attendees. The workshops aimed to ensure that the attendees attained their business objectives and excelled in them. Some of the presentation aids that were used included mind exercises, personal branding, and visualization.

The event featured renowned speakers such as Karen Leland who is a well-known business leader. Others included Melissa Mark Garner who is a renowned corporate wellness consultant and Nicole Lapin who is a popular author and news correspondent. By the end of the event, the attendees had gained precious skills that will serve them forever. Chelsey Berend, who is in charge of the company’s events also emphasized that everyone who was at the event gained valuable experience. Read more about Stream Energy at


Stream which was formerly known as Stream Energy was started in 2005. Over the years the company has been able to get over eight billion dollars through their direct selling method of energy and natural gas.

Stream is, therefore, among the biggest direct sellers in the world energy market. The company ensures that its energy products are readily available wherever they are needed. Although some of their services are available all over America, their energy service is available in some selected states.